Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2014 Now Possible Date for New Mahindra Pickup

Edmunds is reporting that Mahindra is working on a completely revised Mahindra pickup which will possibly come to the US. Anyone else still holding their breath?


Anonymous said...

The longer I watch the Mahindra pageant, the more I appreciate the truck I already drive. I still think a small pickup with a gutsy diesel engine will find a market here, but they missed a huge opportunity with the games they played (ditching their distributor perhaps to avoid bringing a poorly executed truck here), and have already alienated a number of prospective buyers.
They still will be snapping up a small segment of our market unchallenged, so I welcome them if for no other reason than that. If this truck is any good I can see it being a success Mahindra can build on . . . and yes, I'd consider buying one even after all that has transpired. Will Mahindra manage to snatch failure from the jaws of success? They've demonstrated that already, so it's anybody's call if this news is relevant or not.


Anonymous said...

having owned several diesel pickups and being a resident of Alabama, I look for the day this vehicle comes to market.
When it does I'll be interested in buying......But I'm not getting any younger!
Get on with it, Mahindra !!!!

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Anonymous said...

Is the new model, the Duke Nukem model?

I signed up for the test drive, HOW long ago?

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